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Company Profile

  Founded in November 1999, Anhui Taida New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, manufacturing, sales and import and export of heavy aromatics oxidation products, integrating technology, industry and trade. The company was listed on the New Third Board on January 24, 2014 and is one of the first listed companies outside the park.

  The company's leading product is trimellitic anhydride (TMA), trimellitic anhydride in the production of PVC resin plasticizer, F and H motor insulation materials, polyimide resin paint, water-soluble alkyd resin, epoxy resin curing agent, low pressure and pulse Power containers have a wide range of applications such as impregnating agents, adhesives, fuels, inks, pharmaceutical and agrochemicals, motion picture films, water treatment agents and surfactants.

  The company has Anhui Province Liquid Phase Oxidation Engineering Technology Research Center and Anhui Enterprise Technology Center. The company's planned development goal is to grow into a listed company within three to five years, and a leading company in the same industry in China.